Fallout Laser Pistol



I have been playing the Fallout games since the 90s and always loved how they mixed an art deco aesthetic with a cool 1950's retro futurism. I liked the model for the laser pistol because it had a clunky design that looked like it had just barely passed the prototype phase before it went into mass production.


This build was mostly straight forward. The hard part was making the handle since its ergonomic shape was going to be difficult to do accurately with cut paper. I opted to try my hand with papier-mâché and was very happy with the end result. The papier-mâché was rough and had a nice weathered look to it. I also tried some new methods for the weathering on the metal. I did washes in brown, yellow, and black and then went back and dry brushed on silver to reclaim some of the color. I also misted on some clear coat to give it a rough surface. The process worked out very well.


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Finished Model: