Dead Space Plasma Cutter



This was my second design attempt and I decided to go back to my prop making roots and build a gun from the video game Dead Space. Dead Space had a very interesting design motif that seemed to borrow elements from Event Horizon, Aliens, and The Thing. What made the plasma cutter so interesting was its makeshift weapon design which gave it the aesthetics of a power drill instead of a gun. As soon as I played the game I knew I wanted one.


The first thing I had to decide was which version to build. There was the design used in concept art and in the promo costume EA built for conventions and then there was the design from the actual game. I personally preferred the design from the game. I quickly found the reason why this design was not used in EA’s prop. The gun was intended to exist in Dead Space not real space. The gun’s animations clipped over geometry and the gun’s supports violate physics. This was especially problematic when you build with paper. I was determined to make the gun’s L bracket pull out and then turn horizontal and vertical like the game. I had many headaches and concessions getting there. I did find it interesting that the clip did not go into the handle but instead was where the slide would be on a normal gun. Ultimately I was able to get very close to the in game design and even built it to one day include lights, lasers, and a motor, which is why there is some metal on the clip. For now I will have to move all the pieces by hand. I love doing weathering effects so painting this model was a huge blast and I am real happy with the end result.


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Finished Model: